Novel’s Product Information

Candy Candy Final Story, Volume 1352 pages
Candy Candy Final Story, Volume 2: 344 pages
Author: Keiko Nagita 名木田恵子 (also known as Kyoko Mizuki)
Publisher: Shodensha, Inc. 祥伝社
Release date: November 1, 2010 (originally Oct. 28, 2010)
Price per Volume: ¥ 1,680
Language: Japanese

Soon after its publication, avid international CC fans initiated worldwide petitions to translate the novel in their native language (English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Greek). The novel sparked a huge interest and debate among fans due to the obscured identity of “Anohito” (あのひと), “that person”, the man whom Candy presumably married.

Aware of these petitions, the author had expressed her approval for the translation of her novel in foreign languages, but due to unexpected personal and professional issues, the final decision to allow translations by foreign publishers remain on hold today.

“As I say repeatedly, this novel isn’t the sequel. It’s the novel I rewrote thoroughly. Despite that, the new novel has more 300 pages than the old one has, and Candy in her 30′s looks back at her memories. Therefore, the editor says kindly it’s the newly-written novel… But the content is the same as old one. So, please don’t expect too much.”Keiko Nagita (translated quote from Sakura’s Japanese CC BBS, Oct.14, 2010)

As the author mentioned, the Final Story is only a revision of her original novel published in 1978 by Kodansha, Ltd. You can read more about the original Candy Candy novels and Candy Candy Final Story here.

Original 1978 Candy Candy novels

Original 1978 Candy Candy Novels

 updated July 23, 2015:  Great news, Candy fans! The first foreign publisher to gain authorization to publish the CC Final Story the italian editor Kappalab! Read about it here! 🙂


9 Responses to Novel’s Product Information

  1. locksleyu says:

    Any update on whether the licensing issues got worked out for official translations?


    • TG says:

      Hi locksleyu! 🙂 So far, the only official translation available is the Italian edition, which was released on November 2014 (Vol. 1) and May 2015 (Vol. 2). It’s uncertain whether a Spanish or French translation of the novel will be approved by Shodensha. It’s even more unlikely (more like impossible) that an official English translation will occur. I’ve read your “unofficial” English translation of the CCFS on your site and was very impressed by your work! I hope you’ll continue! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cecilie says:

    I watched the CC series, and I would like to know what happend with Candy and Terry!

    From witch book do i need to read, to read about them being reunitet???
    Is it Candy Candy the final story?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jackie says:

    En realidad creo q estamos obviando una parte muy importante al comienzo de Candy Candy. Ella se enamoro del principe azul ual creyo q era Anthony y resulto ser Albert. Por lo q podemos ver Albert siempre estuvo enamorado de Candy, me parece q ese pudo ser un buen final , que Candy por fin pudiera estar con su principe de La Colina Pony.


  4. #1 Fan of Candy Candy says:

    I am a big fan I have watched this since I was little. I’ve watched it many times. Their love story makes me sad. I cannot believe at the end this all happened they got separated. But I want to know who Anohito is if it’s Terry I’ll be so happy. Please answer back if it’s Terry I’ll be so happy, but they’d probably be married at 34 years of age…I expected them to be younger when they got married at least 24. I’ve tried and researched but everrything says the same…I love all these episodes, it’d be amazing if they made the ending of the book into an anime/magna.


    • TG says:

      Since you’ve arrived at our site, then you know that we truly believe that Terry is Anohito! 🙂 It’s difficult to say for certain at what age Candy and Terry got married, but I think it’s safe to estimate that they reunited while they were both in their mid-20s and got married soon after that. 🙂

      During Candy’s present time in the CCFS, we can estimate that she was between 34-39 years of age based on what Mizuki wrote in the afterword and comments/statements she made in Japanese fan forums.


    • yo pienso que el Reencuentro de Candy y Terry se dio cuando candy tenia 25 o 26 años y terry unos 27 0 28 años recordemos que pasan alrededor de 10 años de separacion cuando ambos tenian 15 y 17 años respectivamente. por lo que quizas se pudieron casar luego, bueno lei algo en el foro de las damas de terry y son muy buenos fundamentos.
      lee o ingresa a la pagina de las damas de Terry hay muy buena informacion sobre quien es Anohito, hay mucha base fundada y yo estaba igual que tu FAN #1 y comence a indagar a buscar informacion , no te preocupes se feliz, Anohito es Terry Grandchester.
      en mi opinion no se puede hablar de que Candy se haya enamorado del principe de la colina, recordemos que era una niña de 6 años y lo que a esa edad se siente es una admiracion, pero amor no hay, solo es algo , candy conocio el amor de Albert un amor distinto, un cariño diferente, no creo un amor romantico entre ellos, quizas el se haya enamorado de Candy en el Magnolia, pero el amor de Candy era para el hombre que mas amo”Terrry” , su persona mas amada, el hombre que con solo su voz profunda la hace tan feliz. hasta no dudo que albert haya ayudado en el reencuentro de estos dos.
      bueno esa es mi opinion.
      tambien tengo unas inquietudes
      1- para que hacer una novela que deje entrever a alberth como anohito si desde el manga y anime ya lo habia dicho, no era necesario lo hubiese dejado asi, pero no la autora quizo hacer un nuevo contenido, con que objetivo?
      2-Despues de considerar a alguien por tantos años como un hermano, amigo , poder amarlo con la misma intensidad que tu amor de adolescente, no se quizas me equivoque.( yo no mezclo mis amistades con el amor) siendo el amor que candy sentia por albert como un hermano, no lo se.
      3-Terry escribe una Carta a Candy es porque de alguna manera el podia percibir que Candy aun seguia sola, siendo una persona de Familia influyente puede haberse dado cuenta de esto, a menos que Candy haya rechazado el apellido Andley, pero ella seguia llevando ese apellido pues lo vemos en la firma de sus cartas.
      4-Candy le pide perdon a Anthony, en mi opinion Por que? si candy esta Casada con Albert y tiene recuerdos de Antony, albert no diria nada pues primero su sobrino esta muerto ,y este no albergaria celos y Albert no podria sentirlo pues comprenderia que El fue alguien muy importante para Candy. en caso que fuera Terry candy no puede tener recuerdos de Antony mas que el lugar en su corazon, Terry es celoso y eso lo vimos siempre en anime y el manga, cada vez que candy mencionaba a Antony, o le pide perdon por haberse enamorado de su Tio. no creo que le tenga que pedir perdon o sera porque acepta que nunca lo quiso a Antony porque veia en el A su principe, pero recordemos cuando le dice a Antony ” Tu me gustas porque eres Antony” candy pasa años sin preguntar ni saber de su principe.



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