Italian Edition of CC Final Story

Great news, Candy fans! 🙂 After successful negotiations, the Italian editor, Kappalab, gained authorization and obtained the rights to publish the italian translation of Candy Candy Final Story!  The first volume of the novel was already released in November 2014 and the second volume was just published in May 2015!  Their success gives us hope that other foreign translation editions may soon be available in the future!

You can purchase your copies at

Italian edition of CC Final Story

Italian edition of CC Final Story (Volumes 1 & 2)

In the preface of this italian edition, Keiko Nagita revealed more of her motivations and personal intentions in revising the original novel to produce the Final Story.

“The previous version of this novel, published in Japan in 1978 and reprinted in 2003, is based on the drafts of the original work and of course it draws from its texts.

However, for a long time I continued thinking that there was still a lot to be told.

Candy’s manga was aimed at a very young audience, therefore it had to respect many rules.
As long as the story remained only in that form, I was certain that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to change its contents.

Nevertheless, the years have gone by and unexpectedly I was presented with the opportunity to propose a new novel again. It almost seemed to me that Candy (the one living in my story), who had dwelled all this time in my heart waiting to be able to talk, was saying to me “write something about me again”.

In fact Candy, grown up by then, stayed by my side, talking to me even after the published series came to an end.

This novel stemmed from our (secret) conversations, and has allowed me to bring her to new life, completely freeing her from the bond which tied her to the comic strip …

(extract from the preface of Candy Candy Romanzo, Volume 1, the Italian edition of Candy Candy Final Story, translated by Cinzia)

Read HERE to learn more about the italian edition of Candy Candy Final Story.

We encourage all Candy fans who read italian or know someone who can translate it for you, to read this italian version of the Final Story!  read book Enjoy!


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