Who is Anohito?

updated July 23, 2015

So who exactly is Anohito (あのひと) — that person whom Candy presumably married in Candy Candy Final Story? For those of us who have read the translations and Italian edition of the Final Story, the answer to this question is clear.

Candy Candy Final Story by Keiko Nagita

Anohito (あのひと) Revealed

Anohito (あのひと) is none other than Terence Graham Granchester –son of a Duke, accomplished Shakespearean actor and above all, the only man whom Candy “loved more than anyone else.” (CC Final Story, Vol. 2, pg. 143).

Why are we so convinced?

Thanks to the collaborative effort and shared ideas and contributions of international fans, we managed to collect the most faithful translations possible and better examine the meaning behind the ambiguous maze of clues the author left behind. While it is true that the author purposely obscured the identity of “anohito” so that each fan is free to believe who he might be, the evidence leading to Terry was overwhelmingly clear.

Terry is surely and indisputably, “anohito – あのひと”. We strongly believe this.

Terry is anohito あのひと!

And this blog will prove once and for all why he is the one and only choice for Candy.

To begin with, we invite you to read this post, highlighting  Scottie’s enlightening essay and analysis on the nature of “anohito”! Although her point of view is featured in this site, there are other compelling and solid arguments from devoted fans that you’re encouraged to read at the Candy & Terry Forum.

So do not despair if you’ve recently watched (or rewatched) the anime or read the manga then felt frustrated and depressed! There is HOPE for Candy & Terry fans in the Candy Candy Final Story novel. The author made sure of it. 🙂 Believe! 😉

Terry is anohito あのひと!


20 Responses to Who is Anohito?

  1. Claudia says:

    When is this novel translate in Spanish version please somebody tell me


  2. Claudia says:

    Wow thank you I was waiting long time for this novel of candy


  3. Morris Daimon says:

    Un grazie di cuore al curatore o alla curatrice di questo sito a cui vanno le mie congratulazioni più sincere e più grandi per questa profonda e acuminata analisi storica, stilistica e psicologica sulle vicissitudini epistolari della vita di Candy.
    Finalmente, dopo più di trenta anni, abbiamo potuto appurare che la nostra amata Candy convola a nozze con il nostro amato Terence.
    Purtroppo, per un “artifizio letterario” (che io definirei uno scherzo un po’ sadico nei confronti dei suoi lettori). Keiko Nagita (Kyoko Mizuky) che non ha voluto rendere esplicito il nome di Terence e così per fugare ogni dubbio l’eccellente curatrice di questo sito ha dovuto realizzare questa sua splendida e veritiera analisi filologica.
    Grazie ancora di tutto cuore.
    Ad maiora semper.

    Morris Daimon

    A heartfelt thanks to the curator or the editor of this site to whom I do my sincere and greatest congratulations for this sharp and deep historical, stylistic and psychological analysis on the vicissitudes pertinent the letters on the Candy’s life.
    Finally, after more than thirty years, we have discovered that our beloved Candy married with our beloved Terence.
    Unfortunately, for a “literary artifice” (I would call a joke a bit ‘sadistic towards her readers). Keiko Nagita (Kyoko Mizuky) never to make explicit the name of Terence and thus to dispel any doubt the excellent editor of this site had to realize this wonderful and truthful philological analysis.
    Thanks again with all my heart.
    Ad maiora semper.

    Morris Daimon


    • TG says:

      Thank you! Gracias for your comments! 🙂 Scottie wrote a very convincing analysis and we’re proud to share it with the fans. There are many other compelling arguments supporting Terry as Anohito and you are welcome to read them at the Candy & Terry forum. 🙂


      • Morris Daimon says:

        Benché non lo conosca (o non la conosca) personalmente, Scottie è veramente un grande, come tutti quanti voi e come noi tutti ammiratori ed estimatori di Candy e Terence.
        Un grande abbraccio.
        Morris Daimon

        Although I do not know him (or her) personally, Scottie is really a great, like all you and like we all admirers and appraisers of Candy and Terence.
        A big embrace.

        Morris Daimon

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  4. NA says:

    For those who don’t speak Italian in the book Candy Candy Lettere vol2 p202 Candy writes a letter to Terence which she doesn’t send him and it starts
    Dear Terry, every time I talk with you in my mind, my heart is like a mature bittersweet apricot that could fall to the ground at the smallest breeze. In those moments I am almost afraid to breathe.


    • Claudia says:

      I am so happy terry and candy stay together can I read the novel in English


      • TG says:

        There is no “official” English translation of the CCFS. However, you are welcome to read the “unofficial” English fan translations at the Candy & Terry Forum. You’ll need to register as a member, VALIDATE your email address with the link provided in your email, and then post a simple introduction in the INTRODUCTIONS forum before you have access to the translations


  5. NA says:

    Terence is anohito because with Susanna dead Candy would be with him. Afterall she says when she thinks of Terence she is like a ripe bittersweet apricot ready to fall at the slightest breeze and she feels like she can’t breathe.
    Hot and steamy that’s just thinking about him…


  6. Nayla says:

    I am Team Terry*loves*Candy!!!
    I really hope we’ll have the translation in French or English


    • TG says:

      The French fans are working on their own fan translations off the Italian edition of the CCFS at candyneige’s forum. 🙂

      Team Terry*loves*Candy all the way! 😀


      • Nayla says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. I’m desperately looking for one these translations; I don’t speak Italian nor Japanese. Terry and Candy’s relationship cannot end like that; so sad, it made me cry (episode 99).
        I really hope they will be together again and live a VERY HAPPY life together… What do you think about that end Terry 😉 😉
        Take care,
        Team Terry4Candy4Ever


      • TG says:

        You’re welcome! 🙂

        I would also highly recommend reading the EXCELLENT English fan translations by a diverse group of international fans at the Candy & Terry Forum. 🙂 You will need to register, VALIDATE your email address with the link provided in your email, and post a simple introduction of yourself at the INTRODUCTIONS forum before you have access to the translations. 🙂

        Team Terry4Candy4ever–YAY!!! LOVE THAT!!! 😀 😀 😀


  7. Raimonda says:

    Both characters, Terry and Albert posess nobility in their thoughts/actions…both of them are worthy Candy’s love…the question is whom Candy loves…in her 30s?
    It could be either of them really…my mind is with Albert…but my heart…


  8. Raimonda says:

    Both characters, Terry and Albert posess nobility in their thoughts/actions…both of them are worthy Candy’s love…the question is whom Candy loves…in her 30s?
    It could be either of them really…my mind is with Albert yet my heart…surely with Terry!


  9. Raimonda says:

    Both characters, Terry and Albert are noble in their own ways…but upon reading analysis from opponent fan groups, I came to believe and hope that Terry is the chosen husband for Candy…it seems to me that originally Mizuki might have considered Albert, but later…with many years passing… changed her mind in favor of Terry. A good author can learn from it’s reader and think the story over after all!
    In any case, Candy is happy and that’s nobody’s but HER story!


  10. katerina says:

    I came across this site by chance and I think its great! I would never expect to find sth like this,and could never imagine that so much time would be devoted to elaborate on the Candy Candy novel.I have just finished reading the home page and I have to say your job is excellent.It was as if I was reading a project of a professor who teaches the analysis of tne novel in the University! Many thanks for informing and for working on this to such a detail


  11. Grecialica says:

    I love this blog, looks very professional and the books with the daffodils with them a TOUCH OF PERFECTION! . I found a little more information than last year, and I like it =) It would be nice to have some translations here too =D


  12. Maria Rita spero che al piu presto arrivi la traduzione in Italiano comunque ho capito Anhoito e Terence non poteva essere Albert non e mai stato amore tra di


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