The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else (a fanfic based on CC Final Story) & the Rose of Anzio (an original novel inspired by CC)

update February 10, 2016

Nagita’s novel Candy Candy Final Story has inspired many fanfictions and one of them is this wonderful story written by Alexa called “The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else“. This is the perfect fic for Candy-Terry fans who have longed for their reunion after enduring so many years of separation!

“I had experienced many painful separations.
However, as long as we are alive, we can see each other again.
That is why I no longer fear separations.”
(Candy’s Retrospection, Volume 1, Chapter 2, pgs. 230-235)

Alexa also hired a professional animation studio “Altabe” to draw and animate a special and romantic scene in the story. You can watch the short animation clip at Terry Grandchester’s Facebook page and hear our handsome Terry speaking in a sexy British voice for the first time– in English!

The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else

The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else by Alexa Kang

Terry: “Look, Candy! This is like the night when we first met.”
Terry: “¡Mira Candy! Esto es muy similar a la noche en que nos encontramos por primera vez.”
Terry: “Regarde, Candy! C’est comme cette nuit où nous nous sommes rencontrés.”

Terry: “Let’s get married here, tomorrow.”
Terry: “Casémonos aquí, mañana”.
Terry: “Marions-nous demain, ici, sur ce bateau.”

Candy: “Get married here? Tomorrow? Can we do that?”
Candy: “¿Casarnos aquí? ¿Mañana? ¿Podemos hacerlo?”
Candy: “Nous marier, ici? Demain? Est-ce possible?”

Terry: “The ship’s Captain. He has the authority to officiate a wedding while at sea.”
Terry: “El Capitán del barco tiene la autoridad para oficiar una boda mientras estamos en el océano.”
Terry: “Le commandant du bateau. Il a l’autorité pour officier un mariage en mer.”

Terry: “What do you say? Let’s do it?”
Terry: “¿Qué dices? ¿Lo hacemos?”
Terry: “Qu’en dis-tu? Es-tu partante?”

Candy: “Are you sure?”
Candy: “¿Estás seguro?”
Candy: “En es-tu sûr?”

Terry: “I don’t want anything or anyone to ever come between us again.”
Terry: “Yo no quiero que nada ni nadie se interponga entre nosotros de nuevo.”
Terry: “Je ne veux plus jamais que l’on s’interpose entre nous deux.”

Terry: “I love you.”
Terry: “Te amo.”
Terry: “Je t’aime.” 

MUCHAS GRACIAS to Anneth for the Spanish translation!
MERCI BEAUCOUP to Grout for the French translation!

Alexa also wrote a spin-off sequel to this fanfiction called “The Rose of Anzio“! Set against the backdrop of WWII in Chicago, Tessa Graham, the daughter of Candy and Terry is sent by her parents from England to live under the roof and security of Albert Ardley’s family in America. There she meets Anthony, Albert’s son, but their relationship is from being smooth and friendly as they both struggle to forge their own paths under the threat of World War II.


Fanart by Loreley

To the delight of her readers, the author completely revised the fanfiction in order to publish it as an original novel! Rose of Anzio Book One: Moonlight is now available for purchase at!

update  (February 10, 2016) From now until February 14 (Valentine’s Day), you may download a E-COPY at .99 cents!


Rose of Anzio Book One: Moonlight by Alexa Kang

For copyright reasons, any story elements and characters associated to Candy Candy have been removed. Tessa and Anthony are such a captivating couple that they truly deserved to have their own unique love story told beyond the Candy Candy universe. More than an epic romance, this highly researched story also draws you in with the realistic war scenes and dramatic lives of its strong supporting characters, one of whom is Jesse, a handsome and charismatic medic who is secretly vying for Tessa’s heart.

You can learn more about the backstory of this superb novel at the author’s personal website:

Feel free to contact Alexa at her site if you also want to read the original fanfiction!


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2 Responses to The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else (a fanfic based on CC Final Story) & the Rose of Anzio (an original novel inspired by CC)

  1. Katerina says:

    Just finished reading Alexa’s version of Candy and Terry’s story. I’m really enthralled! Very well and carefully written, connecting all the parts of the past with the present without missing a thing. Thank you very much for writing this wonderful story!It is trully a version worth reading..

    Liked by 1 person

    • TG says:

      I’m happy to know that you enjoyed this captivating novel by Alexa! 😀 Book 2, the continuation of Tessa and Anthony’s story will be out in April! I encourage you to read the TRULY exciting chapters that follow! You will be blown away for sure! I’m sure Alexa would love to hear from you so please drop her a line at her website: and please share your review at so other readers may enjoy her wonderful story! 😀


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