Terrius G. Grandchester is Terence Graham Granchester

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
(Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene II, by William Shakespeare)

Fanart by Daikikun75

Fanart by Daikikun75

While consulting with Keiko Nagita (aka Kyoko Mizuki), Kappalab, the editor of the Italian edition of Candy’s Final Story, acquired an exclusive revelation regarding the precise names of certain characters in the story. One of them concerned the correct western spelling adaption of  テリュース・G・グランチェスタ .

In various anime and manga translations in Europe and Asia, テリュース has been translated as Terrence, Terrius, Terrious, or Terruce. His surname グランチェスタ is more widely known as Grandchester, but some fan sites have also used Grantchester or Granchester.
His true, official name is now …  drumroll… Terence Graham Granchester.

In Candy Candy Final Story, Terry used Terence Graham as his stage name, opting to drop his Granchester surname, presumably to enforce his independence from his noble family and forge a career by his own means and capabilities.

—-Terence Graham.
How many times did I murmur the name?
I was pleased that Terry renounced his last name “Granchester” and started living on his own.

Terence G. Granchester.
I would think of what the name “G” meant in many ways. I heard news of Terry.  The mere news made me feel as though a shining road was stretching in front of my eyes.

(excerpt from Volume 2, pg. 187, Candy Candy Final Story)

Despite the name change, Terry is still and will always be … Terry

And let’s not forget, Terry is Anohito!

You can read more about the Italian edition of Candy Candy Final Story at Candy & Terry’s Paradise under the CCMEDIA!

Italian Candy Final Story Volume 1Italian Candy Final Story Vol 2


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