Novel’s Product Information

Candy Candy Final Story, Volume 1352 pages
Candy Candy Final Story, Volume 2: 344 pages

Author: Keiko Nagita 名木田恵子 (also known as Kyoko Mizuki)
Publisher: Shodensha, Inc. 祥伝社
Release date: November 1, 2010 (originally Oct. 28, 2010)
Price per Volume: ¥ 1,680
Language: Japanese

Soon after its publication, avid international CC fans initiated worldwide petitions to translate the novel in their native language (English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Greek). The novel sparked a huge interest and debate among fans due to the obscured identity of “Anohito” (あのひと), “that person”, the man whom Candy presumably married.

Aware of these petitions, the author had expressed her approval for the translation of her novel in foreign languages, but due to unexpected personal and professional issues, the final decision to allow translations by foreign publishers remain on hold today.

“As I say repeatedly, this novel isn’t the sequel. It’s the novel I rewrote thoroughly. Despite that, the new novel has more 300 pages than the old one has, and Candy in her 30′s looks back at her memories. Therefore, the editor says kindly it’s the newly-written novel… But the content is the same as old one. So, please don’t expect too much.”Keiko Nagita (translated quote from Sakura’s Japanese CC BBS, Oct.14, 2010)

As the author mentioned, the Final Story is only a revision of her original novel published in 1978 by Kodansha, Ltd. You can read more about the original Candy Candy novels and Candy Candy Final Story here.

Original 1978 Candy Candy novels

Original 1978 Candy Candy Novels


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I am Anohito. Working as an actor in Broadway and Britain.
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11 Responses to Novel’s Product Information

  1. Rami Rami II says:

    hello! bueno.. pero tambien hay poemas dedicados a Albert.. como Ashitaga suki que dice la palabra Anohito refiriendose a que ama el mañana porque existe la posibilidad de reencontrarse… Amo a Terry, pero hay que admitir que tambien hay evidencia que es Albert


  2. Bad Noodle says:

    Why can’t there be an English version? Is it possible?…


    • TG says:

      The problem is that Candy Candy was never broadcasted widely in the USA (only Hawaii) nor the UK back in the 70s. The manga was never published in English either so Candy’s story never received the great popularity that it had in Asian, European and Latin countries. It’s a huge investment for a limited English audience, despite the fact that some international fans are bilingual in English. But the biggest obstacle is Shodensha, the Japanese publisher. They are very discerning as to which country they give permission to translate the CCFS. So far, only Italy has had authorization, and I imagine the other countries are still in negotiations. A US manga company will have to step up and make a bid! We can only hope! 😉


  3. Tử Tử says:

    can you advise me the English version of CCFS .


    • TG says:

      Unfortunately, there are no “official” English translations of the CCFS. However, you’re welcome to read the unofficial English fan translations at the Candy & Terry Forum. You’ll need to register as a member, VALIDATE your email address with the link provided in your email, and then post a simple introduction in the INTRODUCTIONS forum before you have access to the translations. 🙂


  4. Claudia ihz says:

    Can someone tell me if this book are available this year 2015.. I don’t care if is written in Japanese.. where I can buy it? please someone answer!! :/


    • TG says:

      You can purchase the novels at . Simply type “キャンディキャンディ final story” in the search bar to see the product. 🙂


  5. Cheball says:

    hmmm… the ending song (which the author wrote) clearly says Anohito is the prince on the hill…
    “Midori ga yureru oka no ue de / Anohito ga watashi wo watashi wo matte”

    (lyrics from


    • TG says:

      No, those lyrics are ambiguous at best. It doesn’t say that Albert is Anohito. However, the author clearly stated that Terry is Anohito in a poem she wrote in the 1977 CC Art book, illustrated by Igarashi. The proof is in the image. 🙂

      Enjoy reading the entire poem full of playful teasing and romantic love that the author meant ONLY for Candy and Terry at this link! 🙂


  6. I am interested in the final novels, but would like them in Spanish, does such a set of books exist?
    My wife loves all the 117 DVD stories, and wants to read the final books too.
    Martin Schleckman
    Avon Lake, Ohio 44012


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