Who is Anohito (あのひと)?

updatedFebruary 10, 2016

So who exactly is Anohito (あのひと) — that person whom Candy presumably married in Candy Candy Final Story? For those of us who have read the translations and Italian edition of the Final Story, the answer to this question is clear.

Candy Candy Final Story by Keiko Nagita

Anohito (あのひと) Revealed

Anohito (あのひと) is none other than Terence Graham Granchester –son of a Duke, accomplished Shakespearean actor and above all, the only man whom Candy “loved more than anyone else.” (CC Final Story, Vol. 2, pg. 143).

Why are we so convinced?

Thanks to the collaborative effort and shared ideas and contributions of international fans, we managed to collect the most faithful translations possible and better examine the meaning behind the ambiguous maze of clues the author left behind. While it is true that the author purposely obscured the identity of “anohito” so that each fan is free to believe who he might be, the evidence leading to Terry was overwhelmingly clear.

Terry is surely and indisputably, “anohito – あのひと”. We strongly believe this.

Terry is anohito あのひと!

And this blog will prove once and for all why he is the one and only choice for Candy.

To begin with, we invite you to read this post, highlighting  Scottie’s enlightening essay and analysis on the nature of “anohito”! Although her point of view is featured in this site, there are other compelling and solid arguments from devoted fans that you’re encouraged to read at the Candy & Terry Forum.

So do not despair if you’ve recently watched (or rewatched) the anime or read the manga then felt frustrated and depressed! There is HOPE for Candy & Terry fans in the Candy Candy Final Story novel. The author made sure of it. 🙂 Believe! 😉

Terry is anohito あのひと!

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Spanish Translation of CC Final Story: VOLUME 2

update September 11, 2017


A couple of years ago, a group of devoted fans translated the first volume of the CC Final Story from the Italian version into Spanish. That translation is now complete and they’re almost done translating Volume 2! Like the first volume, this is an unofficial FAN translation that is strictly non-profit and is provided purely to promote and share the wonderful story written by Keiko Nagita.

If you can read Spanish (or if you don’t mind using an online translator to read it), I highly recommend you read their excellent translations! Although the text is translated from the Italian version of the Final Story, it is considered by many fans to be the most objective and most faithful to the original Japanese CC Final Story.

Follow this LINK to read VOLUME 2 of the Spanish fan translation of Candy Candy Final Story! 🙂

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The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else (a fanfic based on CC Final Story) & the Rose of Anzio (an original novel inspired by CC)

update February 10, 2016

Nagita’s novel Candy Candy Final Story has inspired many fanfictions and one of them is this wonderful story written by Alexa called “The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else“. This is the perfect fic for Candy-Terry fans who have longed for their reunion after enduring so many years of separation!

“I had experienced many painful separations.
However, as long as we are alive, we can see each other again.
That is why I no longer fear separations.”
(Candy’s Retrospection, Volume 1, Chapter 2, pgs. 230-235)

Alexa also hired a professional animation studio “Altabe” to draw and animate a special and romantic scene in the story. You can watch the short animation clip at Terry Grandchester’s Facebook page and hear our handsome Terry speaking in a sexy British voice for the first time– in English!

The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else

The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else by Alexa Kang

Terry: “Look, Candy! This is like the night when we first met.”
Terry: “¡Mira Candy! Esto es muy similar a la noche en que nos encontramos por primera vez.”
Terry: “Regarde, Candy! C’est comme cette nuit où nous nous sommes rencontrés.”

Terry: “Let’s get married here, tomorrow.”
Terry: “Casémonos aquí, mañana”.
Terry: “Marions-nous demain, ici, sur ce bateau.”

Candy: “Get married here? Tomorrow? Can we do that?”
Candy: “¿Casarnos aquí? ¿Mañana? ¿Podemos hacerlo?”
Candy: “Nous marier, ici? Demain? Est-ce possible?”

Terry: “The ship’s Captain. He has the authority to officiate a wedding while at sea.”
Terry: “El Capitán del barco tiene la autoridad para oficiar una boda mientras estamos en el océano.”
Terry: “Le commandant du bateau. Il a l’autorité pour officier un mariage en mer.”

Terry: “What do you say? Let’s do it?”
Terry: “¿Qué dices? ¿Lo hacemos?”
Terry: “Qu’en dis-tu? Es-tu partante?”

Candy: “Are you sure?”
Candy: “¿Estás seguro?”
Candy: “En es-tu sûr?”

Terry: “I don’t want anything or anyone to ever come between us again.”
Terry: “Yo no quiero que nada ni nadie se interponga entre nosotros de nuevo.”
Terry: “Je ne veux plus jamais que l’on s’interpose entre nous deux.”

Terry: “I love you.”
Terry: “Te amo.”
Terry: “Je t’aime.” 

MUCHAS GRACIAS to Anneth for the Spanish translation!
MERCI BEAUCOUP to Grout for the French translation!

Alexa also wrote a spin-off sequel to this fanfiction called “The Rose of Anzio“! Set against the backdrop of WWII in Chicago, Tessa Graham, the daughter of Candy and Terry is sent by her parents from England to live under the roof and security of Albert Ardley’s family in America. There she meets Anthony, Albert’s son, but their relationship is from being smooth and friendly as they both struggle to forge their own paths under the threat of World War II.


Fanart by Loreley

To the delight of her readers, the author completely revised the fanfiction in order to publish it as an original novel! Rose of Anzio Book One: Moonlight is now available for purchase at Amazon.com!

update  (February 10, 2016) From now until February 14 (Valentine’s Day), you may download a E-COPY at Amazon.com .99 cents!


Rose of Anzio Book One: Moonlight by Alexa Kang

For copyright reasons, any story elements and characters associated to Candy Candy have been removed. Tessa and Anthony are such a captivating couple that they truly deserved to have their own unique love story told beyond the Candy Candy universe. More than an epic romance, this highly researched story also draws you in with the realistic war scenes and dramatic lives of its strong supporting characters, one of whom is Jesse, a handsome and charismatic medic who is secretly vying for Tessa’s heart.

You can learn more about the backstory of this superb novel at the author’s personal website:


Feel free to contact Alexa at her site if you also want to read the original fanfiction!

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Spanish Translation of CC Final Story

update August 10, 2015

Great news for Spanish Candy fans! 

Thanks to a hard-working group of devoted fans, the Candy Candy Final Story is being translated into Spanish from the Italian edition of the novel! This is an unofficial FAN translation that is strictly non-profit and is provided purely to promote and share the wonderful story written by Keiko Nagita. It’s their hope that the official Spanish edition will soon be authorized and published for the enjoyment of all Candy fans!

Follow this LINK to read the Spanish fan translation of Candy Candy Final Story (Italian edition).


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The Season of the Daffodils – La Temporada de Narcisos (a fanfiction based on Candy Candy Final Story)

update July 30, 2015

Season of the Daffodils by Josephine Hymes

Season of the Daffodils by Josephine Hymes

Great news for Spanish Candy fans!

La Temporada de Narcisos – the Spanish translation of the highly popular and captivating fanfiction The Season of the Daffodils written by Josephine Hymes is finally published online for Spanish Candy fans!

You can read it HERE! 🙂

If you still haven’t read the The Season of the Daffodils (english version) we encourage you to do so immediately! It’s a beautiful story that masterfully weaves the “anohito-clues” in the Candy Candy Final Story and easily convinces the reader why Terry is “anohito”- that person whom Candy eventually married in the Final Story.

So if you’re still looking for “closure” after reading the Candy Candy Final Story, the manga, and watching the anime, we invite you to read this brilliant romantic tale of love and reunion.

It’s already been translated for Japanese Candy fans at this blog site! 🙂

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Italian Edition of CC Final Story

update July 23, 2015

Great news, Candy fans! 🙂 After successful negotiations, the Italian editor, Kappalab, gained authorization and obtained the rights to publish the italian translation of Candy Candy Final Story!  The first volume of the novel was already released in November 2014 and the second volume was just published in May 2015!  Their success gives us hope that other foreign translation editions may soon be available in the future!

You can purchase your copies at www.amazon.it.

Italian edition of CC Final Story

Italian edition of CC Final Story (Volumes 1 & 2)

In the preface of this italian edition, Keiko Nagita revealed more of her motivations and personal intentions in revising the original novel to produce the Final Story.

“The previous version of this novel, published in Japan in 1978 and reprinted in 2003, is based on the drafts of the original work and of course it draws from its texts.

However, for a long time I continued thinking that there was still a lot to be told.

Candy’s manga was aimed at a very young audience, therefore it had to respect many rules.
As long as the story remained only in that form, I was certain that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to change its contents.

Nevertheless, the years have gone by and unexpectedly I was presented with the opportunity to propose a new novel again. It almost seemed to me that Candy (the one living in my story), who had dwelled all this time in my heart waiting to be able to talk, was saying to me “write something about me again”.

In fact Candy, grown up by then, stayed by my side, talking to me even after the published series came to an end.

This novel stemmed from our (secret) conversations, and has allowed me to bring her to new life, completely freeing her from the bond which tied her to the comic strip …

(extract from the preface of Candy Candy Romanzo, Volume 1, the Italian edition of Candy Candy Final Story, translated by Cinzia)

Read HERE to learn more about the italian edition of Candy Candy Final Story.

We encourage all Candy fans who read italian or know someone who can translate it for you, to read this italian version of the Final Story!  read book Enjoy!

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Terrius G. Grandchester is Terence Graham Granchester

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
(Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene II, by William Shakespeare)

Fanart by Daikikun75

Fanart by Daikikun75

While consulting with Keiko Nagita (aka Kyoko Mizuki), Kappalab, the editor of the Italian edition of Candy’s Final Story, acquired an exclusive revelation regarding the precise names of certain characters in the story. One of them concerned the correct western spelling adaption of  テリュース・G・グランチェスタ .

In various anime and manga translations in Europe and Asia, テリュース has been translated as Terrence, Terrius, Terrious, or Terruce. His surname グランチェスタ is more widely known as Grandchester, but some fan sites have also used Grantchester or Granchester.
His true, official name is now …  drumroll… Terence Graham Granchester.

In Candy Candy Final Story, Terry used Terence Graham as his stage name, opting to drop his Granchester surname, presumably to enforce his independence from his noble family and forge a career by his own means and capabilities.

—-Terence Graham.
How many times did I murmur the name?
I was pleased that Terry renounced his last name “Granchester” and started living on his own.

Terence G. Granchester.
I would think of what the name “G” meant in many ways. I heard news of Terry.  The mere news made me feel as though a shining road was stretching in front of my eyes.

(excerpt from Volume 2, pg. 187, Candy Candy Final Story)

Despite the name change, Terry is still and will always be … Terry

And let’s not forget, Terry is Anohito!

You can read more about the Italian edition of Candy Candy Final Story at Candy & Terry’s Paradise under the CCMEDIA!

Italian Candy Final Story Volume 1Italian Candy Final Story Vol 2

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Novel’s Product Information

Candy Candy Final Story, Volume 1352 pages
Candy Candy Final Story, Volume 2: 344 pages

Author: Keiko Nagita 名木田恵子 (also known as Kyoko Mizuki)
Publisher: Shodensha, Inc. 祥伝社
Release date: November 1, 2010 (originally Oct. 28, 2010)
Price per Volume: ¥ 1,680
Language: Japanese

Soon after its publication, avid international CC fans initiated worldwide petitions to translate the novel in their native language (English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Greek). The novel sparked a huge interest and debate among fans due to the obscured identity of “Anohito” (あのひと), “that person”, the man whom Candy presumably married.

Aware of these petitions, the author had expressed her approval for the translation of her novel in foreign languages, but due to unexpected personal and professional issues, the final decision to allow translations by foreign publishers remain on hold today.

“As I say repeatedly, this novel isn’t the sequel. It’s the novel I rewrote thoroughly. Despite that, the new novel has more 300 pages than the old one has, and Candy in her 30′s looks back at her memories. Therefore, the editor says kindly it’s the newly-written novel… But the content is the same as old one. So, please don’t expect too much.”Keiko Nagita (translated quote from Sakura’s Japanese CC BBS, Oct.14, 2010)

As the author mentioned, the Final Story is only a revision of her original novel published in 1978 by Kodansha, Ltd. You can read more about the original Candy Candy novels and Candy Candy Final Story here.

Original 1978 Candy Candy novels

Original 1978 Candy Candy Novels

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